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Curious essentials


Never forget

Tarot cards, part 1art by RAMた


Fionna with Cake ❤ by サエーンヤ on pixiv


Vintage-looking shoes : 1 2 3 - 4 5 6 - 7 8 9 
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総まとめ | 前掛


i think a lot about how much turnip soup cyrus is made to eat……… .


Miniature Entertainments photos by Sebastián Vargas

These tiny, masterfully downsized electronics and gaming systems are accurate down to the most minute details: the miniature television set flickers and plays static sounds while the diminutive Playstation sports an equally tiny controller, memory card, and Parappa the Rappa game disc. Rule #883 of the Internet: every thing’s better when it’s kawaii-sized.


the marth is strong on this blog

Here is where Ellis the 20 something year old will post things that only she cares about. Expect Anime/ Video Games/ Animals/ Disney/ Geek things/ Cute things/ Many random things in no particular order. Ask me things if you want :3 Artist blog coming soon~

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